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Diana Warmé – Line Producer, Production Manager

Diana Warmé is a documentary film producer who has worked on over 25 films including Mommy Wildest (CBC TNOT 2018), Ground War (CBC/doc Channel 2018), The Other Side of the Hero (doc Channel 2017), The Messenger (CBC, Hot Docs 2015, Best Conservation Film Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival), The Secret Disco Revolution (Bravo, TIFF 2012) and Echoes (TVO, Montreal World Film Festival 2012). Currently she is in production on a few films for CBC and documentary Channel, including Met While Incarcerated with Catherine Legge, She Walks with Apes with Mark & Caitlin Starowicz, and Goreau’s Ghosts with Andrew Nisker. Ms Warmé has also worked with industry notables such as Shelley Saywell & Deborah Parks, Sun-Kyung Yi & John Haslett-Cuff, Robert & Jari Osborne, and Karen Shopsowitz, among others.


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