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George Flak - Executive Producer


George Flak is a Toronto-based feature film and television producer and a production executive that has worked in the entertainment industry for more than thirty years.  

After an Honours degree in Economics he obtained his law degree from the University of Toronto. He took a position as legal counsel to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Canada's national public radio and television network.  After three years Flak moved into CBC senior management and focused on developing Canadian television drama programming.

In the late seventies, Flak opened his own legal practice and practiced law as a specialist in Communications and Entertainment Law-- and took on executive producer roles on numerous independently produced film and television projects.


In his practice Flak represented independent producers, Canadian talent and Canadian distributors and foreign sales companies.  One of his most memorable projects was his involvement with director Bob Clark and veteran producer Rene Dupont.  In 1983 the three shot the classic 'A Christmas Story' in Toronto and Cleveland (for MGM) and the picture has become an annual classic Christmas 'must view'. 


In the mid-eighties Flak started his own television and feature film production company. As a producer, he has developed and produced a wide range of television and feature film productions, from small independent features to US studio productions with wide theatrical distribution.       


In the late Eighties, Flak became a shareholder and senior executive of a Toronto based motion picture production company that financed produced and sold its productions throughout the world. Over the course of five years the company produced some fifteen pictures and was Canada's first production company to enter into a distribution relationship with Miramax. 

In the Nineties Flak continued his producing career by executive producing Kevin McMahon's award winning television program 'The Falls', and producing the Roddy Piper, Billy Blanks (of Tae Bo fame) 'Back in Action', and two 'action adventure' pictures, 'Jungleground', and 'Striking Poses'. 


From 2001 to 2007 Flak was been engaged as an independent producer and business affairs and production consultant to Norstar Filmed Entertainment Inc, one of Canada's most prolific feature film producers and distributors.


Flak's most recent completed feature film is the seven million supernatural thriller 'The Marsh', starring Gabrielle Anwar and Forest Whittaker. The picture was distributed throughout the world by Sony.    After working with Norstar Flak provided executive producing, business affairs and production consulting services to four television documentaries for CBC's Doczone, as well as Bruce McDonald's 'Yonge Street', a three-hour series for CTV.


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