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Michael Boland – Cinematographer

Multi Gemini Award-winner and Emmy-nominated Michael Boland was co-producer, co-director and Director of Photography on A Team for Peace. Michael, A University of Toronto graduate and former pro hockey player, is one of Canada’s foremost documentary cinematographers. In a career spanning 40 years, he’s either filmed or directed and filmed such landmark documentary series such as Millennium; Tribal Wisdom and the Modern World, The Struggle for Democracy, Ken Dryden’s Home Game, The Fifties, Flightpath, Gorilla Doctors, and countless more. Michael cut his journalistic and storytelling teeth on Canada’s flagship current affairs series the fifth estate in the early 80’s. Since then he’s gone on to do work for National Geographic, the BBC, Discovery USA, and every other major American Network that’s taken him extensively to every continent on the globe. It’s with a keen eye for picture and human compassion that Michael will apply his skills to any project. He has just published an eBook on his experiences in the documentary genre entitled Through the Lens of My Eye; Adventures of a Documentary Cameraman.

For ten months he drove taxis in Peterborough in order to write a fictional diary entitled The Instigator that is being developed into a network TV drama series.

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